Advanced Analytics

Digital Transformation

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is the foundation for cognitive computing, machine learning, AI and bots. it brings static data to life and unlocks the insight you've been searching for. We offer comprehensive solutions across industries in information management, data governance and advanced analytics that unlock organisational potential, enabling informed decision making, leveraging your company's most valuable data assets to increase shareholder value.

Our Analytics Platform Takes Away The Hard Process Of Data Processing

01.   Enterprise Data

Implement transactional ERP data, CRM systems and a wide variety of semi-structured and unstructured data sets present in content repositories.

  • Data-Governance
  • Master Data-Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data-Integration
  • Data-Security

02.   Machine Data

Improve end-to-end transactional visibility to log files and other machine-generated data for gaining complete insights into an IT infrastructure.

03.   Sensor Generated Data

Data accumulated from smart devices, control systems, connected appliances, industrial equipment and any IoT device available.

04.   BI Consulting

Need right partner for right start.

  • Readiness assessment and defining strategic roadmap
  • Architecture Design and Case Implementation
  • Migration Strategy & Planning
  • BI tool evaluation and standardization
  • Reports and Dashboard assessment and design

05.   Data Warehousing and Integration

Heart of Business Intelligence system

  • DW Architecture Design and Modelling
  • Data-acquisition Migration, and Integration
  • Maintenance and Support

06.   Data Visualization

Simple yet actionable data representation

  • Customized dashboard creation
  • Customized reports design
  • Mobile Responsive BI
  • 2D and 3D Map/Geo visualization

07.   Big Data

Discover and drive business value by providing innovative big data solutions for various industries. Implement big data technology to deliver and resolve complex data-centric challenges while getting the best outcomes.

  • Big Data Consulting - Harness big data consulting to become relevant and competitive all the while delivering mission-critical results.
  • Data Science - Use deep expertise in BI technologies for retrieving valuable insights from raw data lakes located throughout enterprises.
  • Data Quality Management - Analyze and provide interactive big data solutions for better insights that drive data transformation for businesses at scale
  • Big Data Implementation - Analyze structured and unstructured data sets for efficient data management and implementation across the board.