Embedded Services & Firmware Designing

Advanced Embedded Services

Embedded Services &  Firmware Designing

Embedded product design is one of the specialized areas that involves highly trained experts, working with advanced tools and equipment for transforming ideas into products. Embedded designing includes system architecture as well as hardware, software, and mechanical design. The process of product design involves activities such as deciding on the mechanical architecture, selecting materials and processes that meet the environmental requirements, engineering the various components that are necessary to make the product work, and finalizing the look and feel of the product.

Development, on the other hand, involves identifying new opportunities in the market and building products that appeal to the needs of the selected market. The focus in the development process lies on refining or modifying the products to a final prototype and testing.

Why choose us?

Our Primary services include

01.  New Product Development Support

  • Mechanical: Industrial design/styling
  • Hardware: System architecture/hardware design

02.   Value Engineering

  • Software: Board bring up, Board support package (BSP), application development
  • OS Development: C/C++, Linux, Windows, RTOS
  • Middleware.

03.  Product Sustenance

  • Testing & Certification
  • Integration

04.   Advantages

  • Embedded domain expertise with cumulative experience and knowledge to develop embedded systems and software across industry verticals
  • Flexible, reliable and customized product development
  • Cost optimization through R&D and reduced product development cost
  • Bring products faster to market
  • Customer data protection through well-defined security policies and mechanisms

Advanced Firmware Designing

Firmware Designing

Firmware development provides the control and monitoring software needed for hardware products and systems. In today’s environment, firmware exists in each device; be it a smartphone, an edge device or a defense and aerospace sub-system.

It is extremely important for firmware developers to have good knowledge about hardware design and development along with good understanding of the internal workings of an embedded processor or SoC.

RIOTA Product Design and Services

Product Design and Development Services provided by RIOTA

RIOTA's embedded services cover the entire spectrum of product design and development.The product design services offered by RIOTA includes,


Board design


PCB layout and design services


Product re-engineering


Independent verification and validation


Compliance engineering


Embedded Hardware

Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal & Power.


Wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi, ZigBee,, BLE, Mobile Module, 4G LTE/NB-IoT and much more.

RIOTA Software Solutions

Firmware Development Services

Our varied range of embedded firmware development services includes:

Hardware Abstraction Layer
Device/protocol simulation
Embedded application development
Bespoke firmware development and deployment
Communication protocol stack development/integration
Optimizations (performance, power utilization, etc.)
Boot loader porting and hardening, Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
Tracking and monitoring solutions for the industries
FPGA/CPLD based digital logic designs and IP cores
File System Integration, Memory optimization and Power Management
Remote access and monitoring solutions for discrete and process industries
Board Bring up and verification, Diagnostics and Interrupt routines