Internet of Things

Digital Transformation

Internet of Things

In our modern society, everything is connected, from computers to cars, phones to houses and almost every electronic device you encounter. These separate objects are all bound together via the Internet of Things (IoT): smarter technology makes lives smoother.

Our IoT services take digital transformation to the next level by delivering new experiences by creating actionable intelligence—giving them increased efficiency, improved productivity in a cost-effective way and achieving tangible benefits with smart products.

These products analyze usage patterns, provide in-depth, real-time insights and integrate efficient IoT processes into your existing business infrastructure. Our extensive IoT services harness a blend of machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver connected solutions for your business.


Our IoT services

01.   Technology & Business Consulting

We assess your current situation, build your business roadmap and architecture, and advise on rapid prototyping.

02.   Development & Operations

We use data and assets to develop a managed solution across your chosen platform that automates the processes and operations of the software development and deployment cycle, for your IoT solution.

03.   QA & Testing

This requires a well-planned IoT testing strategy that is comprehensive and is constantly evolving with changes. Our testing strategy encompasses test management tools, test classes, test lab setup comprising simulators, ready-made tools, and extensible frameworks.

Use Case

Our Business
Use cases


Connected wearable technology helps patients keep track of their vital statistics such as blood pressure, calorie count and pulse rate.


Our Indoor Positioning System employs wireless tracking technology to locate assets and personnel on location using real-time tracking


Efficient way to travel, saving energy and time by accessing information on bad weather, traffic congestion and much more through mobile apps.


Tracking of Warehouse inventory level with that of online/ in-store shopping demand using RFID tag data integrated with cloud base inventory management system.


Avoid production bottlenecks by preventive maintenance where sensors notify unhealthy condition of a machine/equipment.

Smart Homes

Efficient use of energy by monitoring and controlling home appliances using mobile devices.

Fleet Management & Telematics

We provide complete control of your fleet using telematics and real-time intelligence to improve efficiency by monitoring drive