Battery Management System (IoT Solution)

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Battery Management System, helps to remotely manage and monitor the health of individual batteries. Battery management system protects the battery, analyse its state and optimize its performance. With the use of IoT technologies, important parameters of the battery are collected, collaborated, and stored on the cloud DB for analysis.


  • Battery Parameter Configuration - User can select and configure the parameters that are required for monitoring the batteries.
  • Controller Unit Configuration - Each controller can be configured in the system to monitor the set of batteries. User can select the batteries and assign it to the Controller unit. Based on this, health parameters of the batteries will be captured and collaborated.
  • Customer and User Management - Option to create the customers and user IDs who will be using the BMS system. Each customer can manage and monitor the batteries that are connected to Controller Unit using the web portal. Customer can view the complete details of the battery health parameters by pictorial representation such as graphs and dials.
  • Controller Dashboard - Users can view the overall performance of the batteries that are connected to the controller. Also, using the filter option, user can view the individual batteries configured parameters in one place.


  • Supports various battery types such as Lead Acid, Li-ion, etc…
  • Remote monitoring
  • Measures voltage, current and temperature
  • State of charge analysis
  • Fault detection and notification


EV Batteries

Inverter / UPS Batteries

Battery Backup Plants

Dashboard Details

Complete customer owned controllers' information

Controller level cumulative information of batteries and their parameters


  • BMS - Controller (PCB and Embedded Firmware)
    • Microcontroller based electronic circuit board
    • Can measure accurate battery parameters
    • Analyses the measured parameters and alerts the maintenance team
    • Can support up to 127 batteries
  • BMS - Portal (Web App)
    • Portal hosted on the cloud
    • All the vending machine data are transferred to the centralized DB hosted on cloud
    • UI provided for the users to monitor vending machine critical parameters and their real time status
    • Dashboard provided for the user with the pictorial representation of the daily sales
    • Options provided for various configuration changes of the validations required for disposing product
    • All the machine slots can be managed by the user and the same will be updated at the machine
    • Options provided for the user to manage the products that are dispensed by the vending machine like product, image of the product, slot merging, maximum slot stock
    • Multiple branch and warehouse can be configured for the smooth refill request creation
    • Users can check the real time stock of the vending machines at any given point of time
    • Product advertisements can be configured and the same are transferred to the vending machine and also controlling the video playing interval